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Have you ever noticed the efforts of many skiiers with closing their skiboots? The buckles just don´t provide enough leverage for an easy closing.When I sat a few years ago in the ski locker room having struggles with clothing my boots I realized that I am not alone with my problem. I saw parents who helped closing their children's boots and skiers who helped each other.  

Back at home I was working on a solution. I went to all sports shops around me and measured the buckles of ski boots of different manufacturers. My goal was to develop an aid which is compatible with all ski brands. In addition, the solution should be easy to handle, so that it fits comfortably in your hand and you can take it on the slopes.

After several attempts and unsuccessful prototypes I've found the ideal form and applied for a german patent.

Meanwhile, the SkiBoot Butler has been sold over 130,000 times throughout Europe.

Buckles are hard to close
The SkiBoot Butler makes it easily


I am particularly pleased about the great feedback of skiers who tested it:      

"For weak woman hands just great and very easy to store. Also highly recommended for a large family" Christel Baumgaertel

"An ingenious product. Facilitates the closing of the ski shoe buckles immensely. Especially with corresponding minus degrees on the slopes ..." Roland Lackner

"Super convenient .... The ease of donning scary. No more torment before skiing. I can only recommend the butler whether you are old or young." Christian Brinse

"I can only recommend this article to everyone who likes to ski. The buckles can be shut superlight with the Ski Butler." Franz

"Super practical part, fits into the ski jacket, so you can close the boots more easily on the slopes. Finally, I can close the boots without great effort and broken fingers and fingernails. Even children get their shoes closed and no parents have to kneel in front of them any longer;)" moet

"Now skiing is even more fun because tighten the ski boot and especially the closing was a torture. And that's over now." JB